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4 biopsies colposcopy

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy for gynecology?

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy for gynecology?


1) Digital color 1/3” Sony CCD HD camera, automatic focus.
2) Pixels: ≥1,200,000.
3) LED light source. LED illumination ≥1200Lux. brightness
adjustable and green filter.
4) Resolution: 500 TVL.
5) SNR≥50dB
6) Working distance: 250-350mm.
7) Magnification times≥280 times
8) Image size: 1920*1080
9) Video output: HD-SDI


1)  Fashionable appearance, convenient design

2)  Adopt the color digital CCD camera with high resolution and clarity.

3)  Dismountable light source, which has got the patent.

4)  Bulbs adopt supper cold LED light source whose diameter is only 2 mm.

5)  There are “freeze, filter, zoom in, zoom out, white balance” buttons on the top

of the camera for the speedy automatic functions.

6)  Professional green-filter techniques

7)  Image freeze

8)  White balance

9)  Auto focus

10)  Timing of acetic acid and iodine reaction tests

11)  Powerful image software and workstation system.

4 biopsies colposcopy

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy?

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy?

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy-I was just wondering what a 4 biopsies colposcopy is? Something irregular turned up on my pap smear. My gynecologist gave me sulfa-based creams, but the irregularity on the cells from my cervix was still there on my next exam. Now, I have to have a 4 biopsies colposcopy, and I was wondering what that entails. My doctor said that it was just to see if further action needed to be taken. Could you tell me, if at all possible, what purpose colposcopies serve and what is wrong with the cells? In other words, do you have any idea, from a vague description, what could be wrong? Thanks.

Colposcopy allows your doctor to get a good look at what’s going on among your cervical cells. It involves using a colposcope, an instrument that magnifies the area 10 to 20 times, and a staining solution, which makes it easier to distinguish between the healthy, normal cells and the atypical cells. If any questionable areas of atypical growth are obvious, they can be biopsied in order to determine the extent of the problem, and to decide on a course of treatment, if any is needed. A 4 biopsies colposcopy isn’t much more uncomfortable than a gynecological exam, though some people experience some discomfort or cramping from the procedure. It takes less than an hour, can be done in your doctor’s office, and doesn’t require any anesthesia.

The part of the cervix exposed to the vagina is a very active site for cell growth. Pap smears indicate whether cell growth is healthy and normal, or if it has changed in any way. Of course, abnormalities of cell growth can be of varying degrees of severity. Thus, when your Pap smear results indicate some irregularity, it can mean a few things.

The most common explanation for irregular Pap smear results is “atypical” cells. This is not cancer — it simply means that some of the cells began growing in an aberrant fashion. Or, you could possibly have a somewhat more serious condition called dysplasia, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). For more information on what dysplasia and atypical cells involve, you can read What is dysplasia?.

In either case, atypical cells or dysplasia, treatment involving antibiotic sulfa-based creams is unnecessary and ineffective. Usually, you can wait a few months to see if the abnormality resolves on its own. However, if your next Pap smear also comes back “irregular,” then you’ll want to have a more accurate and thorough diagnostic test done. That’s basically what a 4 biopsies colposcopy is.

It can be scary to receive abnormal test results, of any kind. Hopefully, knowing more about it will ease some of your concerns. Whether you’re seeing a health care provider at Columbia or elswhere, you can ask your provider for more information sheet on colposcopies. The Mayo Clinic site (link is external) is also a great resource for learning more about the procedure.

Take care,

4 biopsies colposcopy

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy ?

What is 4 biopsies colposcopy ?

An abnormal or positive smear test very rarely means that you have cancer. After this; you may be referred for a colposcopy examination so that the colposcopist can look at your neck of womb (cervix), identify any potential threat and treat it. This test is most often done when the result of a Pap test is abnormal. Most abnormal Pap tests are caused by viral infections. Examples are HPV infection and other types of infection, such as those caused by bacteria, fungi, or protozoa.

4 biopsies colposcopy

Why do I have to go to the 4 biopsies colposcopy Cinic?

Why do I have to go to the 4 biopsies colposcopy Cinic?

You will have to go to the 4 biopsies colposcopy Clinic if you have had a smear test, and the result of your smear test shows that you need to have another test.

Your results have shown you may have some abnormal cells. The cells may become cancer. Cancer is a very serious illness.

You will have to come to the 4 biopsies colposcopy Clinic so we can have a look at your cervix.

We will send you a letter with the date and time of your appointment. If you cannot come, please telephone the hospital.

You can come with a friend, relative or support worker.

4 biopsies colposcopy

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