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5 Bad Habits in abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

Factory hot sales optical electronic gynecology abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy MK-2200b for vaginal examination

vaginal examination


Product Description

It is image workstation management system combining computer technology and electric abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy.

It is a new product collects digital imaging technology and abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy technology.

It is applied for gynecology inspection. This technology is different from traditional abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy inspection.

It cancels ocular and breaks through limit of optic abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy inspection.

1.Properties: Obstetrics & Gynecology Equipments

2.Type: gynecology examination

3.Brand Name: Kernel

4.Model Number: KN-2200B1

5.Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

6.Light source: halogen cold light source

7.Camera system: 1/3’’ color CCD,

8.Gynecology examination: abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

9.Colposcope: digital and electronic abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy


1. It is prohibited to do any gynecology examinations such as vaginal a day before the abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy examination

2. It is prohibited to use vaginal drug two days before the abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy examination

3. It is prohibited to do abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy examination during menstrual period.


1.Suitable for gynecology examination and cervical cancer early find

2.On the clinical, checkup with vulva, vagina, cervix and other part


1.High Resolution and Definition Camera System
Perfect combination of optical and digital system, clearer view;
Synchronous observation through the optical scope and the computer;
1/3″ High resolution color CCD;
5 speed Optical Amplification;
Video output;
White balance auto-adjusted;
2.Unique spectral grating and fine-tuning
With a green filter, to facilitate observation of capillary lesions.
Unique Light Source Design
With integrative Halogen light source and ring fiber, more brighter, and brightness can be adjusted;
3.Special Stand
With vertical stand ,easy to operate;


Optics system MK-2200B,MK-2200B1,MK-2200BLED,MK-2200B1LED,MK-2200B2LED
Binocular eyepiece focus 160mm,Built-in accurate measurement ruler
Eyepiece 12.5x,wide-angle vision adjustment (Refraction adjustment)±5D
Working distance 295mm
Eye-distance adjustment range 50-75mm
Diameter of field-of-view 80mm-12.5mm
Micro focusing range 40mm
Image collection Raster F4.5-F32
Light source Green filter,LED and halogen light source alternative
Light illumination ≥30000Lux
Optics magnification times 2.8-17 times


Camera system MK-2200B/LED,MK-2200B1/LED
Type 1/3″ color CCD camera
Level resolution 540 lines
Minimum illumination 0.05Lx
Effective pixels 480000 pixe
Signal Noise Ratio of lens 50dB

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

HOW WILL THE abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy BE DONE?

HOW WILL THE abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy BE DONE?
New patient colposcopy appointments can take 30-45 minutes. This includes a consultation with your doctor, the
colposcopy procedure itself similar to having a smear test and takes approximately 15 minutes.
• After your initial consultation with your specialist, you will be asked to lie on a raised bed with your legs up in
legs rests
• The colposcope will be put near the opening to your vagina. It will not touch your body. Your doctor will insert
a speculum in the same way as when you had your smear test. This makes it easier for the doctor to see your
cervix through the colposcope.
• A cotton swab may be used to remove excess mucous and a weak vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.
This makes areas that there are changes in the cells turn white helping the doctor to identify abnormalities.
• Iodine may be applied to view the cervix. During this examination healthy cells turn brown.
• If your doctor needs to take a biopsy – this will be the removal of some small tissue samples from the areas
that look abnormal. The removal of the tissue may be felt as a sharp pinch. The tissue collected is sent to a
laboratory for testing to confirm the diagnosis.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

What is Possible risks and complications?

What is Possible risks and complications?

As a diagnostic procedure, a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is not considered a surgery and is generally safe. However, there is still a risk of some complications; this risk is greater if the abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is followed by a biopsy. The most common risks involved are:

Allergic reaction to the substances used during the test
Sensitivity to medications or anaesthetics

Some factors may also affect the results of or interfere with a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy. These include:

Acute cervical inflammation
Acute pelvic inflammatory disease

To ensure accurate results and lessen the risk of complications, a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is best performed approximately one week after a patient’s menstrual period.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

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