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abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

When is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy performed?

When is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy performed?

Colposcopy is performed in one of two circumstances: to examine the cervix either when the result of a Pap smear is abnormal, or when the cervix looks abnormal during the collection of a Pap smear. Even if a Pap smear result is normal, abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is ordered when the cervix appears visibly abnormal to the clinician performing the Pap smear. The purpose of the abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is to determine what is causing the abnormal looking cervix or the abnormal Pap smear so that appropriate treatment can be given.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

What does a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy consist of?

What does a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy consist of?

During a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy, your doctor will use an instrument called a colposcope, which looks a lot like a microscope, to get an up-close look at your cervix. You’ll lie on an exam table and she’ll use a speculum to keep your vagina open. Next she’ll rub a solution of acetic acid (similar to vinegar) on your cervix. This liquid helps her see any abnormal cells. It might burn a little.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

What is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy Systems?

What is  abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy Systems?

Main Function:

Dynamic video processing It can display the input dynamic video image, freeze timing capture video, save picture, add falise color, display in full screen. The brightness, contrast, saturation of the image can be adjusted.



Static image processing:

It can coding pseudo color and copy for a selected area. It can be partially enlarged, 90 ° rotation, mirror left and right, mirror up and down, negative function, and has 4 kinds of image enhancement methods including linearity, exponent, logarithm and balance. It can be note text by a certain point on the picture. Diameter, perimeter and acreage of the suspected lesion area can be measured. The generated report can be output, search and printed. Japanese SONY high-definition lens, LED cold light source backlight compensation, a variety of light intensity adjustment.



Technical Parameter


Total pixel (PX)


3,270,000 Pixels


1/2.8” SONY CMOS
Frame rate


Signal-noise ration (SNR)


Video Output


video signal
Horizontal resolution




field of vision/visual range





Packing Details Remarks
CPU Dual-core 2.0G above Adjust according to customer needs
Memory DDR 2G or above
Hard disk 500G or above
Main board Intel H61 or above
Capture card VT600 medical specialty
Monitor 22-inch LCD
Printer EPSON continuous color ink supply system
Case+power ATX
Keyboard Standard 108 keyboard
Lens About 3.27 megapixel cameras
Software XP Version
Mouse Photoelectric Mouse

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

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