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What is digital video colposcope?

digital video colposcope

Colposcopy is a procedure which allows the cervix (the neck of the womb) to be examined, using a device called a colposcope, which illuminates and magnifies the area. The procedure is actually similar to that of a cervical smear, however it takes longer, as the colposcopy looks for any abnormalities through the application of various solutions to the cervix. Colposcopes can also be used to examine the vagina and vulva.

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Colposcopy is an exam used to diagnose abnormal problems of the cervix or vagina (mouth of the womb) with problems like abnormal pap smears, dysplasia and warts. It cannot be done when you are on your period. Your cervix has a ransformation zone, which simply means the cells are transformed from one type to another during your lifetime. Because these cells are constantly changing, viral changes from Human Papilloma Virus, for example, find it easier to affect that area of your body. Pap smears are a screening test for cervical dysplasia or pre-cancerous changes to your cervix. The colposcopy will help to determine if there is a reason for concern. An abnormal pap smear does not mean you have cervical cancer, but it needs to be followed up so you do not develop cervical cancer.

What is colposcopy-I was just wondering what a colposcopy is? Something irregular turned up on my pap smear. My gynecologist gave me sulfa-based creams, but the irregularity on the cells from my cervix was still there on my next exam. Now, I have to have a colposcopy, and I was wondering what that entails. My doctor said that it was just to see if further action needed to be taken. Could you tell me, if at all possible, what purpose colposcopies serve and what is wrong with the cells? In other words, do you have any idea, from a vague description, what could be wrong? Thanks.

Colposcopy allows your doctor to get a good look at what’s going on among your cervical cells. It involves using a colposcope, an instrument that magnifies the area 10 to 20 times, and a staining solution, which makes it easier to distinguish between the healthy, normal cells and the atypical cells. If any questionable areas of atypical growth are obvious, they can be biopsied in order to determine the extent of the problem, and to decide on a course of treatment, if any is needed. A colposcopy isn’t much more uncomfortable than a gynecological exam, though some people experience some discomfort or cramping from the procedure. It takes less than an hour, can be done in your doctor’s office, and doesn’t require any anesthesia.

The part of the cervix exposed to the vagina is a very active site for cell growth. Pap smears indicate whether cell growth is healthy and normal, or if it has changed in any way. Of course, abnormalities of cell growth can be of varying degrees of severity. Thus, when your Pap smear results indicate some irregularity, it can mean a few things.

The most common explanation for irregular Pap smear results is “atypical” cells. This is not cancer — it simply means that some of the cells began growing in an aberrant fashion. Or, you could possibly have a somewhat more serious condition called dysplasia, or cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN). For more information on what dysplasia and atypical cells involve, you can read What is dysplasia?.

In either case, atypical cells or dysplasia, treatment involving antibiotic sulfa-based creams is unnecessary and ineffective. Usually, you can wait a few months to see if the abnormality resolves on its own. However, if your next Pap smear also comes back “irregular,” then you’ll want to have a more accurate and thorough diagnostic test done. That’s basically what a colposcopy is.

It can be scary to receive abnormal test results, of any kind. Hopefully, knowing more about it will ease some of your concerns. Whether you’re seeing a health care provider at Columbia or elswhere, you can ask your provider for more information sheet on colposcopies. The Mayo Clinic site (link is external) is also a great resource for learning more about the procedure.

digital video colposcope

How to use the Colposcope for test?

You’ll lie down on a table with your legs in stirrups, just like you do for the pap smear procedure and like a pap smear, a speculum is used to view your cervix easily. In our office we view the cervix using a DYSISmap, which offers the latest in colposcopy technology. This machine is not inserted, it simply rests right on the outside providing a high resolution image. We then apply a vinegar solutions to your cervix, and abnormal cells will change colors, signifying to the practitioner whether you need a biopsy. If so, the biopsy will be sent to a pathologist who returns a report within 7 days. You may have a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.
New patient colposcopy appointments can take 30-45 minutes. This includes a consultation with your doctor, the
colposcopy procedure itself similar to having a smear test and takes approximately 15 minutes.
• After your initial consultation with your specialist, you will be asked to lie on a raised bed with your legs up in
legs rests
• The colposcope will be put near the opening to your vagina. It will not touch your body. Your doctor will insert
a speculum in the same way as when you had your smear test. This makes it easier for the doctor to see your
cervix through the colposcope.
• A cotton swab may be used to remove excess mucous and a weak vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.
This makes areas that there are changes in the cells turn white helping the doctor to identify abnormalities.
• Iodine may be applied to view the cervix. During this examination healthy cells turn brown.
• If your doctor needs to take a biopsy – this will be the removal of some small tissue samples from the areas
that look abnormal. The removal of the tissue may be felt as a sharp pinch. The tissue collected is sent to a
laboratory for testing to confirm the diagnosis.

Why need digital video colposcope?

You will have to go to the Colposcopy Clinic if you have had a smear test, and the result of your smear test shows that you need to have another test.

Your results have shown you may have some abnormal cells. The cells may become cancer. Cancer is a very serious illness.

You will have to come to the Colposcopy Clinic so we can have a look at your cervix.

We will send you a letter with the date and time of your appointment. If you cannot come, please telephone the hospital.

You can come with a friend, relative or support worker.

Colposcopy is the quickest and simplest way to determine why a Pap smear is abnormal. It does not require hospitalization, anaesthesia, freezing or pain pills.

Colposcopy is most commonly performed after a cervical smear which has shown some presence of abnormal cells. A cervical smear is a routine procedure offered to women between 25 and 65 years of age, during which a cell sample is taken from the cervix, and is later examined, in order to detect any changes in the cervix and if any abnormal cells are present.

Colposcopy is done when results of cervical cancer screening tests show abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix. Colposcopy provides more information about the abnormal cells. Colposcopy also may be used to further assess other problems:

Genital warts on the cervix
Cervicitis (an inflamed cervix)
Benign (not cancer) growths, such as polyps
digital video colposcope

Sometimes colposcopy may need to be done more than once. It also can be used to check the result of a treatment.

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