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abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

Why is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy done?

Why is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy done?

Colposcopy is done when results of cervical cancer screening tests show abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix. Colposcopy provides more information about the abnormal cells. Colposcopy also may be used to further assess other problems:

Genital warts on the cervix
Cervicitis (an inflamed cervix)
Benign (not cancer) growths, such as polyps

Sometimes abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy may need to be done more than once. It also can be used to check the result of a treatment.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

HOW WILL THE abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy BE DONE?

HOW WILL THE abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy BE DONE?
New patient colposcopy appointments can take 30-45 minutes. This includes a consultation with your doctor, the
colposcopy procedure itself similar to having a smear test and takes approximately 15 minutes.
• After your initial consultation with your specialist, you will be asked to lie on a raised bed with your legs up in
legs rests
• The colposcope will be put near the opening to your vagina. It will not touch your body. Your doctor will insert
a speculum in the same way as when you had your smear test. This makes it easier for the doctor to see your
cervix through the colposcope.
• A cotton swab may be used to remove excess mucous and a weak vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.
This makes areas that there are changes in the cells turn white helping the doctor to identify abnormalities.
• Iodine may be applied to view the cervix. During this examination healthy cells turn brown.
• If your doctor needs to take a biopsy – this will be the removal of some small tissue samples from the areas
that look abnormal. The removal of the tissue may be felt as a sharp pinch. The tissue collected is sent to a
laboratory for testing to confirm the diagnosis.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

WHY IS abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy USED AS A DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURE?

WHY IS abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy USED AS A DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURE?

Colposcopy is the quickest and simplest way to determine why a Pap smear is abnormal. It does not require hospitalization, anaesthesia, freezing or pain pills.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

What is Possible risks and complications?

What is Possible risks and complications?

As a diagnostic procedure, a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is not considered a surgery and is generally safe. However, there is still a risk of some complications; this risk is greater if the abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is followed by a biopsy. The most common risks involved are:

Allergic reaction to the substances used during the test
Sensitivity to medications or anaesthetics

Some factors may also affect the results of or interfere with a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy. These include:

Acute cervical inflammation
Acute pelvic inflammatory disease

To ensure accurate results and lessen the risk of complications, a abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy is best performed approximately one week after a patient’s menstrual period.

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

What is abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy Systems?

What is  abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy Systems?

Main Function:

Dynamic video processing It can display the input dynamic video image, freeze timing capture video, save picture, add falise color, display in full screen. The brightness, contrast, saturation of the image can be adjusted.



Static image processing:

It can coding pseudo color and copy for a selected area. It can be partially enlarged, 90 ° rotation, mirror left and right, mirror up and down, negative function, and has 4 kinds of image enhancement methods including linearity, exponent, logarithm and balance. It can be note text by a certain point on the picture. Diameter, perimeter and acreage of the suspected lesion area can be measured. The generated report can be output, search and printed. Japanese SONY high-definition lens, LED cold light source backlight compensation, a variety of light intensity adjustment.



Technical Parameter


Total pixel (PX)


3,270,000 Pixels


1/2.8” SONY CMOS
Frame rate


Signal-noise ration (SNR)


Video Output


video signal
Horizontal resolution




field of vision/visual range





Packing Details Remarks
CPU Dual-core 2.0G above Adjust according to customer needs
Memory DDR 2G or above
Hard disk 500G or above
Main board Intel H61 or above
Capture card VT600 medical specialty
Monitor 22-inch LCD
Printer EPSON continuous color ink supply system
Case+power ATX
Keyboard Standard 108 keyboard
Lens About 3.27 megapixel cameras
Software XP Version
Mouse Photoelectric Mouse

abnormal cells colposcopy biopsy

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