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What is zeiss colposcope?

What is zeiss colposcope?

A zeiss colposcope is a procedure performed to determine whether there are abnormal cells existing in or around the vagina, vulva, or cervix. These abnormalities tend to occur most commonly at the opening of the cervix leading to the birth canal and womb. It is highly important to detect and treat these abnormalities as early as possible as they can significantly increase the risk of cervical cancer. A zeiss colposcope is usually performed when a routine cervical screening procedure raises some suspicions regarding the health of the cervix.

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A special microscope(colposcope) allows the gynaecologist to magnify the cervix and define the area of abnormality. The cervix is visualised as when taking a smear. Dilute acetic acid is applied and this makes the abnormal area appear white (aceto-white). The colposcopist then looks at the blood vessel pattern (a green filter assists visualisation). Areas of mosaicism and punctation are examples of commonly seen abnormality. With local anaesthetic, tiny biopsies may be taken. These are sent to the laboratory where the pathologist can advise further about the severity.There is evidence that there is a tendency to anxieity and depression0802 associated with referral for zeiss colposcope and this has an adverse effect on sexual function.

zeiss colposcope is a procedure that gives your healthcare provider a magnified view of the cervix. It is done using a lighted microscope called a colposcope. In most cases, a sample of cervical cells is taken during a biopsy. The sample can then be studied in a lab. If any problems are found, you and your healthcare provider will discuss treatment options. Problems with the cervix can be treated best when detected early.

HOW WILL THE zeiss colposcope BE DONE?

New patient zeiss colposcope appointments can take 30-45 minutes. This includes a consultation with your doctor, the
zeiss colposcope procedure itself similar to having a smear test and takes approximately 15 minutes.
• After your initial consultation with your specialist, you will be asked to lie on a raised bed with your legs up in
legs rests
• The colposcope will be put near the opening to your vagina. It will not touch your body. Your doctor will insert
a speculum in the same way as when you had your smear test. This makes it easier for the doctor to see your
cervix through the colposcope.
• A cotton swab may be used to remove excess mucous and a weak vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.
This makes areas that there are changes in the cells turn white helping the doctor to identify abnormalities.
• Iodine may be applied to view the cervix. During this examination healthy cells turn brown.
• If your doctor needs to take a biopsy – this will be the removal of some small tissue samples from the areas
that look abnormal. The removal of the tissue may be felt as a sharp pinch. The tissue collected is sent to a
laboratory for testing to confirm the diagnosis.

What zeiss colposcope Results, What can they Show?

A zeiss colposcope can help your doctor diagnose the following:

Cervical cancer
Vulvar cancer
Vaginal cancer
Precancerous changes of the cervix, vulva, or vagina
Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix)
Genital warts
You’ll lie down on a table with your legs in stirrups, just like you do for the pap smear procedure and like a pap smear, a speculum is used to view your cervix easily. In our office we view the cervix using a DYSISmap, which offers the latest in zeiss colposcope technology. This machine is not inserted, it simply rests right on the outside providing a high resolution image. We then apply a vinegar solutions to your cervix, and abnormal cells will change colors, signifying to the practitioner whether you need a biopsy. If so, the biopsy will be sent to a pathologist who returns a report within 7 days. You may have a follow-up appointment to discuss the results.

What are some reasons to do a zeiss colposcope?

The most common reason to do a zeiss colposcope is an abnormal Pap smear. It may also be done for unexplained post-coital bleeding, or pre-malignant lesions in the vagina or on the vulva. Cervical cancer rates have decreased in recent years due to effective screening methods. A zeiss colposcope is one such important cervical cancer diagnostic tool.

Your recent cervical smear test has shown some abnormalities or pre-cancerous changes. This is not unusual – approximately 1 in 12 cervical smear test results are abnormal. Generally an abnormal smear test indicates changes in the cells on the cervix. The zeiss colposcope will allow the doctor to examine your cervix in further detail. Samples may be taken from any abnormal areas seen.Alternatively, your GP may have referred you due to symptoms that could be related to your cervix and require a closer examination.

Been told you need a zeiss colposcope? That’s good! zeiss colposcope is a really good way of getting more information which may help prevent serious gynaecological conditions. Think of it as being an early warning system or part of a comprehensive plan for excellence in women’s health. It may feel a bit undignified (like most gynaecological procedures) but it is not recommended unnecessarily. If it has been recommended that you have a zeiss colposcope, don’t put your head in the sand, just come and see us at Clinic 66. We will make it as hassle free as possible. zeiss colposcope involves using a powerful microscope to take a really close look at the cervix. This is because there may be some abnormalities which cannot be seen with the naked eye. zeiss colposcope is usually used to look at the cervix after an abnormal pap smear but can be used to check anything unusual around the vulva or in the vagina.

Women who have had unexplained bleeding after sex or in-between periods may be recommended to have a zeiss colposcope. This is because there may be treatable abnormalities in the cervix such as pre cancerous changes.

Having an abnormal pap smear/test doesn’t mean that a woman has cancer, however zeiss colposcope may be recommended in order to exclude a sinister cause for the abnormality. The gynaecologist may use acetic acid or Lugols solution (iodine) to help certain cells stand out more under the colposcope. It is common for a biopsy to be taken during zeiss colposcope i.e. a tiny fragment of tissue removed and sent to the lab for further analysis. This is because a pap smear is not accurate enough to determine what, if any, treatment is required.

zeiss colposcope may also be used as a checking test, for instance after pre cancerous cells have been removed, and thus making sure that the treatment was successful.

zeiss colposcope can easily be performed as an awake procedure as it’s like having a pap test though you’ll be examined by the doctor, for a longer time. Or, if you prefer, at Clinic 66, you can have a zeiss colposcope under sedation (light anaesthetic) so you can feel very relaxed and comfortable.

If you have been told that you should have a zeiss colposcope, you can ring and refer yourself today to Clinic 66, or get your GP to refer you with a letter.

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